Business plan

  1. Capacity: 60 tons of used tires per month.
  2. Final products:

Pyrolysis oil – ≈40% from one batch. It can be used as a fuel for industrial furnaces and boilers, heat-generators equipped with spraying burners. It can be further processed with rectifying column (SARGAS) for getting diesel and gasoline fractions.

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Carbon black – ≈40% from one batch. It is used for production of abrasive. It can be sold to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory which need it as raw material such as shoe, tire, cable companies.

Metal – ≈10%.

Pyrolysis gas – ≈10%. It is recycled in the plant’s furnace as fuel material.


Raw material: ____USD/ton×2ton=____USD

Power consumption: 1,1 kW/hour×____USD/kW×24hours=_____USD

Worker’s salary: 4men×____USD/day×30 days=____USD


Plant FORTAN works on a twenty-four hour basis at the ambient temperature from +40 to -30 °C.



Pyrolysis oil profit: ≈800 kg/day×___USD/kg=___USD

Carbon black profit: ≈800 kg/day×___USD/kg=___USD

Metal: ≈200 kg/day×___USD/kg=___USD

You should calculate profit according to local situation. Also you should take in account:

  • Cost of infrastructure on the territory: crane, storage tanks.
  • Cost of land.
  • Cost of transporting of raw materials.
  • Etc.
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