• Good lubricating properties.Mineral diesel in eliminating sulfur compounds from it loses its lubricating ability. Biodiesel, despite the significantly lower content of sulfur, has good lubricating properties, which prolongs engine life. This is due to its chemical composition and the content of oxygen therein. For example, a truck from Germany hit the Guinness Book of Records, traveling more than 1.25 million kilometers on biodiesel with its original engine.
  • A higher cetane number.Mineral diesel 42-45, biodiesel (methyl ester) not less than 51.
  • Increase engine life.With the engine running on biodiesel simultaneously lubricate its moving parts, which resulted, as shown by tests, achieved an increase in service life of the engine and the fuel pump an average of 60%. It is important to note that there is no need to upgrade the engine.
  • High flash point.Flashpoint for biodiesel exceeds 150°C, which makes biofuel relatively safe substance.
  • By-product – glycerol, which is widely used in industry.Purified glycerol is used for production of industrial detergents (eg soap). After a deep purification, pharmacological glycerol.
  • Vegetable origin. Biodiesel is free from benzol odor and the raw materials for production of biodiesel are oils that are made from plants. Different vegetable oils can be a raw material for biodiesel production: sunflower-seed oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, mustard oil, seaweed oil, also deep-fat frying oils and animal fats.
  • Ecology. Biodiesel, when burnt, produces less greenhouse gases (i.e. carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere than fossil fuels. These greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and cause planet to warm. Studies suggests the biodiesel reduces the amount of greenhouse gases up to 65%.

Biodiesel is not harmful to the environment like traditional fuels. It is made from renewable resources which means it is safe for the environment. Biodiesel does not cause harmful effects to the environment that will produce positive effects on generations to come.

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