Flowsheet of the EXON plant

  1. Block of methoxide – for the automatic preparation and dosing of methoxide.
  2. Block of oil-for the automatic oil dosing.
  3. Recuperative heat exchanger – for the heat recuperation of the cooling biodiesel to heat the incoming oil
  4. Block of gravitational separation- for separation of the biodiesel from glycerin
  5. Reactor of biodiesel synthesis
  6. Block of condenser - for condensing of methoxide steams
  7. Recuperation complex to recuperate methanol of glycerin
  8. Recuperation complex to recuperate methanol of biodiesel
  9. Complex of Filters to filter the biodiesel produced
  10. Pumps

We manufacture BIODIESEL PLANTS for the production of biofuel from vegetable oils (including used ones) or animal fats with any capacity that is required. 

Requirements for the personnel: staff must be trained how to operate with the biodiesel plant EXON, must know fire safety regulations and industrial safety regulations.

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