Equipment for oil-sludge recycling FORTAN-E



Advantages of pyrolysis plant FORTAN-E

  • Processing of various carbon containing wastes
  • Removable retorts
  • Indirect heating of raw materials
  • Environmentally friendly processing
  • Easy maintainable
  • Work at almost any weather conditions 24 h/day, 365 days a year.
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Due to all above mentioned FORTAN pyrolysis plants have long service life, ability of continuous processing and high productivity.

The most effectively is to operate two and more pyrolysis ovens together with using of the tail gas of the first oven to heat the second one. At each period of time the ovens are at different stages of the process. The shift of the process phase between two ovens is chosen in such a way so as the first oven passes the stage of maximum gassing at the time when the second oven has the greatest need in fuel. Thus there is no need for additional solid-fuel, the emissions into the atmosphere are significantly reduced and thus there is no need in the gasholder for the temporary storage of the pyrolysis gas.

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