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Technical characteristics of FORTAN plant

The main products obtained in the waste recycling process are liquid pyrolysis product (pyrolysis oil), carbonaceous residue (pyrocarbon), metal cord (in the case of used tires) and pyrolysis gas. The quantity of products obtained depends on the type of recycled waste. Here is more details.



Technical specifications of FORTAN plant:

Capacity, m3 per day






The nominal volume of the load chamber, m3


Installed power capacity, kW


Voltage, V


Nominal frequency, Hz


Height (with pipes), m



* when you  recycle certain types of waste the capacity can be increased by 1.5-2 times due to the use of a catalyst;

* the necessary performance is achieved due to the corresponding number of modules; 

The composition of FORTAN plant:



Module of pyrolysis 


Retort and lid assembly






Maintenance area


Transporting stand for furnace


Pipelines and check valves




Control panel



Effective work is done on 2 modules. The excess gas from the first furnace can be used to heat up the second. In each period of time, the furnaces are at different stages of the process. The phase shift of the process between the two furnaces is chosen in such a way that the second furnace passes the maximum gas generation stage at the time when the first furnace experiences the greatest demand for fuel. Thus, there is no need for additional solid fuel; emissions to the atmosphere are significantly reduced and there is no need to install a gas holder for temporary storage of pyrolysis gas, and a large number of pyrolysis modules completely reduces the problem of ignition.

FORTAN plants are produced in mobile version and the site for their placement does not require long preparation and large-scale construction works. In order to ensure the loading/unloading of the retort a lifting device will be required with a load capacity of at least 2 tons and a hoisting height of 7.5 m.

Waste is recycled without additional preparation.

Operating staff: 1 person can serve up to three modules at a time with 24-hour equipment operation. The specialists of our company train your personnel and carry out starting-up and adjustment of equipment.


There is a special performance of FORTAN plant for semi-continuous pyrolysis of liquid raw materials. Since the yield of the residue of pyrolysis of oils or fuel oil is sufficiently small (0.05 ... 0.1 by mass), the filling of the retort at the end of the cycle of the usual batch process is small. Despite the small filling of the retort, in order to carry out the next cycle, the retort must be replaced by another, filled with raw materials, which requires manipulation of retorts, pipelines and seals.At the plants of the semi-continuous process liquid feed is fed to the retort continuously throughout the cycle by means of a special nozzle until the retort is filled with a residue by 40 ... 50 percent. After that the filled retort is replaced with an empty on. In addition, two replaceable retorts are supplied in the FORTAN set. Continuous feed application allows to increase the productivity (up to 4 ... 5 tons / day instead of 2 ... 3 tons / day), reduce the frequency of cycles (no more than 1 cycle in 3-4 days instead of 2 cycles per day), which reduces labor intensity of recycling.

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