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Pyrolysis plants PIROL are designed for recycling any wastes, for example: municipal waste, solid domestic waste, rubber products waste and plastics, also used tires, woodworking and wood chemistry waste, soil contaminated with oil products, oil sludge, oiled shavings and scale of metallurgical industries, medical waste, etc. The full list contains more than 900 types of wastes.

PIROL plant is a unique waste recycling technology on the Russian market. Our company TT GROUP is the developer and the only manufacturer of this equipment in Russia. We have been successfully developing and working on the market for 19 years.
waste recycling machine
waste recycling plant
waste recycling machine
The quality of the PIROL plant and all equipment provided by our company is ensured by the company's quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and is also confirmed by Russian certificates.

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