The structure of FORTAN-M plant

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Pyrolysis plants FORTAN-M is intended for processing waste rubber, medical waste, waste plastic, waste petroleum products, roofing materials, etc. without sorting. The main by-products are a liquid product of pyrolysis (pyrolysis fuel oil), carbon residue, metal (in the case of recycling used tires) and gas.

пиролитическая установка pirol Production capacity 12,000 kg of waste / day
Dimensions 13500/6500/6500
Power consumption, kW 11.5
Voltage, 380

Structure of the FORTAN-M plant:

  • Module of pyrolysis

    Retort oven, supporting frame, retort, furnace, recuperator-airheater, discharging solid residue device, ash removing system, lined gas flue, condenser-separator, liquid products collector, set of pipelines, operation box.

  • Module of purification of smoke gases from solid impurities and sulphur oxide

    Foam-scrubber, bin-batcher of reagent, pulp separating settling tank, set of gas flue, set of pipelines, smoke exhauster,  control panel.

  • Module of purification of smoke gases from nitric oxide

    Catalyst chamber, ammonia module, recuperator, set of gas flue, set of pipelines, module of analyzers, control panel.

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