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Recycling of household waste  +  +    
Recycling of used tires  +  +    
Recycling of medical waste  +  +    
Recycling of oil sludge + +    
Biomass recycling  +  +    
Waste plastic recycling  +  +    
Recycling of electronic waste  +  +    
Mazut recycling  +  +    
Peat recycling + +    
Brown coal recyling + +    
Hydrolysis lignin recycling + +    
Recycling of soil contaminated with oil + +    
Pyrolysis oil processing     +  
Oil processing      +   
Processing of glycerol containing mixtures      +   
Processing of waste motor oil   + +  
Processing of mixtures of alcohols and their aqueous solutions       +  
Processing of waste solvents      +  
Processing of vegetable fats:       +
              - processing of sunflower-seed oil      
              - processing of rapeseed oil        
              - processing of other vegetable fats        
Processing of seaweed oil      
Processing of waste deep-fat frying oils      

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