Over the last twenty years, the benefits of household appliances and personal computers have increased significantly and it led to:

  • economic growth;
  • change of information technology;
  • improvement of people's lives.

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But our everyday dependency on electronic devices has caused a new environmental  danger which is  electronic waste.

What is electronic waste?

Electronic waste is a general term for electrical and electronic appliances which service life has ended. It  include computers, televisions, monitors, laptops, mobile phones, video recorders, music centers, copiers, fax machines and almost all household items with electrical parts, batteries or power supplies. Today, e- waste is the largest part of all waste in any society. Such wastes without proper disposal negatively affect our ecosystem. E-waste contains up to 60 elements of the Mendeleev table. For example, computer monitors and TV screens typically contain from one to four kilograms of lead each. The computer monitor's glass is 20% consist of lead%. Thus, dumping in a landfill or burning of highly toxic variety of materials and heavy metals are unacceptable methods of e-waste disposal.

Therefore, the most optimal way to get rid of e-waste is to recycle it.

E-waste recycling equipment FORTAN

Our company TT GROUP manufactures e-waste recycling plant FORTAN. It is effective and universal equipment for recycling of electronic wastes. The e-waste recycling process is environmentally safe and it is based on pyrolysis method.

Actually, e-wastes also consist of small content of precious metals. In fact, with the help of our electronic waste recycling plant you can extract valuable  and platinum category metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, lead, tin, iron, nickel and aluminum. It provides on the basis of low temperature pyrolysis method.

Moreover, our plant can work under all-weather circumstances. It has a high capacity and manufactures in mobile version. According to it, our professionalisms can instruct Client’s stuff how to serve up FORTAN modules.  


  • Pyrolysis oil 15%
  • Water 2% (contains acids)
  • Pyrolysis gases 5%
  • Mixed remains of process (metal is not processing by pyrolysis – higher temperature is needed)


Finally, e-waste recycling machinery FORTAN is an excellent possibility to recycle all e-wastes without any harmful effects on our environment and ecosystems.


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