Every year around 7 million tons of industrial rubber are accumulated in the world, which are usually stored in landfills. Only 20% of rubber waste is recycled. According to it, the problem of rubber recycling was raised.

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Nowadays, we have modern technology and perfected system how to recycle rubber waste into raw materials and energy.

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One of the most effective and low-cost methods for rubber recycling is low-temperature pyrolysis. It is an economical and environmentally-friendly type of waste recycling.

Our company is а manufacture of rubber recycling plant FORTAN.

Project of rubber recycling machine.

Everybody knows that rubber waste is classified as one of the hazard classes and it cannot be disposed so easy. According to it, we must recycle this type of hazardous waste. Technical rubber recycling business is a great opportunity to make money on the basis of low competition with favorable conditions on the territory of your country.

The business of waste rubber disposal has many advantages:

  • You have never had problems with a lack of raw materials;
  • You do not need large number of employees because all work is made by machines and equipment;
  • You can work not only on the territory of your city but also on the territory of your region and country.

Pyrolysis plant FORTAN.

Industrial rubber recycling machine FORTAN can solve your problem with waste recycling business:

  • FORTAN plants are universal and can recycle various types of household and industrial solid, liquid and pasty waste: used tires, waste rubber products, plastic wastes, waste motor oil, oil sludge, oil contaminated soils, etc.;
  • FORTAN plants are easy to maintain;
  • The rubber recycling plant operates under all weather conditions 24 h/day, 365 days a year. You can watch video here (click on link);

In addition, our specialists go to the Client's site for start-up of equipment and training a client’s staff. Today, waste recycling plant FORTAN are delivered to various countries of the world, such as Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Panama, Thailand, India, South Africa, Australia, etc.

Rubber recycling equipment FORTAN is supplied with two retorts that are made of heat-resistant, stainless steel. The pyrolysis module is lined with high-temperature thermal insulation based on ceramic fiber and refractory concrete. During operation, the temperature of the module outer wall is safe for maintenance staff. Plant is provided with the necessary devices to control the process and with control panel for adjusting the operation of the plant. It is designed in mobile version. Explosion-proof valve and gas emergency relief system ensure the safety of employees and equipment in case of a malfunction of the plant.

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