Our company TT GROUP manufactures and supplies municipal solid waste recycling equipment FORTAN and FORTAN-M. Both plants are based on the method of thermal decomposition namely pyrolysis. A well-developed technology can ecologically recycle and utilize municipal solid waste.

Technical specifications of municipal solid waste recycling equipment

 Productivity 5,2 m3/day (up to 4 tons)  Productivity  72 m3/day (up to 50 tons)
Dimensions WxDxH 3,3Х2,5х5,6 m  Dimensions WxDxH  18,780х7,830х5,553 m
 Installed capacity   1,1 kW  Installed capacity  17 kW
We recommend you to watch this video about work process of FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants:

Brief description of pyrolysis process carrying out in municipal solid waste recycling equipmentFORTAN and FORTAN-M

Pyrolysis is a thermal process of raw materials decomposition into gaseous components without absence of oxygen. Waste recycling carrying out in pyrolysis plants FORTAN and FORTAN-M is environmentally friendly method of domestic waste recycling and as the result you can obtain the following products:

Black carbon – 40% It can be used as solid fuel, sorbent in disposal facilities, in manufacture of tires, hoses and cables.
Liquid heating oil – 35-45% It can be used as boiler fuel. Then it is recycled in refinery for obtaining oil fractions, such as petrol, diesel fractions and fuel oil.
Gas – 10-12% It is used to maintain the pyrolysis process inside the furnace and for space heating.
Metal cord – 8-10% It can be melted down.
Heat Thermal energy is accumulated in exhaust-heat boilers for water heating and central heating.

In addition to commercial products, you can start your own municipal solid waste recycling. So, you can:

  1. receive and recycle waste according to your required fees;
  2. use the final pyrolysis products (fuel, carbon, gas) for your own purposes;
  3. take care of the environment because only 12% of all waste in the world can be utilized. As a consequence, the development of your own business entails a unique mission - the protection of modern flora and fauna.

Moreover plants can be used for your own purposes, for example:

- heating of industrial premises;

- water heating;

- recycling of your own household waste.

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Advantages of municipal solid waste recycling plants FORTAN and FORTAN-M

  • Pyrolysis plants FORTAN and FORTAN-M are considered universal, because they can recycle up to 900 types of waste, including plastic, tires, medical waste of various hazard classes, etc.
  • The plants developed by our team are environmentally friendly and do not cause any harm to nature. All necessary systems for safe work of staff are provided.
  • FORTAN and FORTAN-М  plants are extremely weather-resistant, therefore heat or excessive humidity do not cause a problem for successful operations of our plants. It is worth adding that plants can work round the clock.
  • Structurally, plants are simple and they can be easily repaired. This would obviate the need for the long-term maintenance of the equipment. Moreover, we give you a guarantee of 24 months and it involves the departure of our specialists to the Buyer’s equipment location.
  • Both technologies have passed the required checks according to the legislation and they are recommended to be implemented.

According to all listed above, our equipment is reliable, provides high productivity, continuous operation and has a long service life.

Law on the side of domestic waste recycling

Pyrolysis plants FORTAN and FORTAN-M produced by our company TT GROUP were included in the Handbook of the best available technologies "Waste disposal by thermal method", developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. A business will not only be good for the environment and profitable for you, but also it will comply with all applicable canons of the legislation.

The federal legislation of Russia obliges everybody to utilize waste with safe methods thus it should not cause harm to human life and the environment. The equipment of TT GROUP Company complies with environmental standards and received the necessary permits in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Becoming the owner of the FORTAN plant, you can service your city or region, providing a wide range of service that is widely needed by enterprises for solid domestic waste disposal. Another thing you can do is to solve the problem of waste disposal at your own enterprise, without any need to sign contracts with external institutions.

Quality service for domestic waste recycling equipment

Buying equipment from the manufacturer TT GROUP, you get the whole service package:

  • full inclusion in the work on the basis of the Buyer;
  • training of staff, assistance in the first days of work;
  • the warranty period of 2 years provides the departure of our specialist to the Buyer's site.

All listed above is included in the cost of the equipment.

Today FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants help to recycle waste in the whole world - you should not stay aside! 20 countries of the world have already joined the common goal of protecting the environment, using the FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants. Join us!

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