Recycling of household waste

Recycling plant:

Household wastes comprise garbage and rubbish such as bottles, cans, clothing, compost, disposables, food packaging, food scraps, newspapers and magazines and yard trimmings that originates from private homes or apartments. It may also contain household hazardous waste. Household hazardous wastes are paints, cleaners, oils, batteries and pesticides that contain potentially hazardous ingredients. You have to manage household wastes safely.

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We offer you a safe way to dispose household wastes. With our equipment FORTAN and FORTAN-M you can get rid of waste and get commercial products such as pyrolysis oil, carbon residue and pyrolysis gas.

With pyrolysis plants FORTAN you can recycle only sorted household wastes without organics, glass, stones and chlorine containing materials. In one batch only one type of waste can be recycled. But you can mix in one batch, for instance, carbon containing wastes: used tires, plastic, biomass etc.

Our equipment FORTAN-M can recycle unsorted wastes. The minimal capacity of this equipment is 12 tons of wastes per day.

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