Recycling of medical waste

Recycling plant:

Nowadays, there are no common rules that would concern issues about the recycling process of medical waste. Such rules are established and apply to certain types of waste but not on medical waste. Medical waste is the main source of harmful chemical, chemical-biological and biological elements that enter our environment. The most dangerous medical waste is in Class C and G. It includes:

  • waste from phthisiatric and mycological hospitals;
  • medical waste from patients with anaerobic infections;
  • wastes from microbiological laboratories which workers work with microorganisms of 1-2 classes of pathogenicity;
  • cytostatics and other chemotherapies;
  • equipment and machinery that contain mercury.
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Moreover, these types of waste are a source of increased danger to all those who come into contact with them. This is explained by the fact that there is a risk of infection can come out of health facilities. It cannot be safe to bury such wastes in the ground because dangerous microorganisms are washed away and can enter the groundwater. After the bioorganic inevitably rotates and begins to decompose medical waste with the gases emit and enter the atmosphere. In the work of every medical or pharmaceutical organization there is always a question of medical waste recycling. The best solution to this issue is to buy special disposal equipment.


There are many technologies to recycle medical waste. The most common of these are:

  • the process waste sterilization with the help of water steam at a temperature above 100 ° C and under high pressure;
  • disinfection with chemical preparations;
  • the process waste sterilization on the basis of ionizing, infrared or radioactive radiation;
  • disinfection of waste using microwaves;
  • disposal of medical waste by burning them in special furnaces.

Each of the technologies has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, disinfection with chemicals can be dangerous to the environment because harmful chemical compounds are released during the process.

Today we suggest you to safely recycle all types of medical waste.


In the first place, our medical waste recycling machine FORTAN is valuable and beneficial plants based on pyrolysis method.

Secondly, pyrolysis plant FORTAN is universal equipment. It can recycle various types of waste, for instance, plastic, electronic waste, used tires and oil sludge, etc. In fact, you can start your own business. Owing to the fact that those wastes cannot be handed over to a landfill, your business will be always paying and prosperous. As a result there will be daily demand on a waste recycling.

Afterwards, medical waste recycling plant FORTAN has a high capacity and a possibility to work continuously under all weather conditions (365 days per year).

Lastly, pyrolysis plant is designed in mobile version and you do not need long preparation to launch the plant.


Output of the products highly depends on the composition of the raw material.

  • Pyrolysis oil 70%
  • Pyrolysis gases 10%
  • Carbon black 20%



All things considered, pyrolysis process is an effectual method to liquidate medical waste and other kind of wastes. Our medical waste recycling equipment can work continuously without any harmful impact on the environment. Equipment for the disposal of medical waste, which is owned by the organization, allows you to save significant amounts of money that are spent to pay to special recycling services. Furthermore, the organization is always confident that the waste is destroyed in compliance with all requirements.

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