Recycling of used tires

Tire recycling plants:

All we know that burning of rubber products and used tires is outdated method of waste recycling. Firstly, the toxic substances released during the burning process are extremely hazardous to our environment. Secondly, rubber products recycling should be carried out with the help of the special tire recycling equipment. Consequently, the disposal of used tires will be safe for our environment.

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In fact, there are different tire recycling machines in the world. We offer you one of the most effective and profitable plants on the basis of the low temperature pyrolysis method.


Pyrolysis plant FORTAN is intended to recycle any carbonaceous wastes, used tires, rubber products, oils, etc. There is an effective work on two or more modules that operate simultaneously. In each period of time the furnaces are at different stages of the process. The excess gas from the first furnace can be used to heat up the second. The phase shift of the process between the two furnaces is chosen in such a way that the second furnace passes the maximum gas generation stage at the time when the first furnace has the greatest demand for fuel. Therefore, there is no need for additional solid fuel. Emissions to the atmosphere are significantly reduced and there is no need to install a gas holder for temporary storage of pyrolysis gas. Accordingly, a large number of pyrolysis modules completely reduces the problem of ignition.

Advantages of the tire recycling plant FORTAN

First of all, the cost of the tire recycling module is significantly lower than other types of such equipment.

Secondly, you can recycle various types of waste products. As a result, it is a perfect opportunity to launch your own business without any hesitation. In practice, tire recycling business is profitable and lucrative. Rubber products are referred to the 4 hazard class. What is more, it cannot be handed over to a landfill. Thus, a disposal will be in demand for a very long time.

Thirdly, plant FORTAN work under all weather conditions (24 hours per day, 365 days per year). It has a long service life, the possibility of continuous operation and high capacity.

In addition, pyrolysis plant is produced in mobile version and the site for their placement does not require long preparation and large-scale construction works. 


  • Pyrolysis oil 40%
  • Pyrolysis gases 10%
  • Carbon black 40%
  • Steel cord 10%



Taking everything into account, the tire recycling equipment FORTAN is lucrative and cheaper than other recycling plants. It is practical and handy. Besides, one person can serve up to three modules at a time with 24-hour equipment operation. Our specialists can train your staff to carry out starting-up and adjustment of equipment.

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