Oil sludge recycling

Recycling plant:

Nowadays, the oil industry is developed in many countries all over the world. However, its extraction, purification and recycling is impossible without the formation of waste. Oil sludge barns are sources of environmental pollution. They contain a wide range of pollutants of the mineral and organic environment. They evaporate and penetrate into the soil, groundwater and surface water bodies; also they are fire hazardous. Oil sludge is chemical compound that consist of different oil products and other impurities.

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In the recycling process oil sludge and drill cuttings are often buried in the ground and it causes significant damage to our environment. Such waste can not only be hidden in the soil. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to bury oil waste in the soil.


In this case it would be great to use the oil sludge recycling equipment.

Moreover, the pyrolysis plant FORTAN has various advantages.

Firstly, oil sludge recycling process is completely ecological and safe for our environment.

Secondly, pyrolysis plant FORTAN is a mobile machine and can be used directly on the client premises.

Thirdly, oil sludge recycling machine is not just a plant for burning oil-containing products but first of all an equipment for the recycling of oil-containing. It allows eliminating oil sludge lakes and barns, cleaning oil contaminated soil, recycling drilling waste at any place of oil production. 

In fact, oil sludge contains oil products in different amounts from 10 to 80%. According to it, it is possible to extract from 10 to 80% of pyrolysis oil. The implementation of these products will bring additional income or you can use the raw materials in the work to reduce costs. Many enterprises in the world have been recycling oil sludge for a long time with the help of the plant FORATN. It has really effective oil sludge recycling process. The plant is safe, practical and low-priced.

Types of products that are formed during the recycling of oil:

- pyrolysis gas;

- technical carbon;

- boiler fuel;

- residue - soil without oil products, water (the amount depends on the initial composition of oil sludge).

In addition, pyrolysis plant is produced in mobile version and the site for their placement does not require long preparation and large-scale construction works.

There are also some additional equipment options:

- recovery of heat generated during operation;

- hot water production;

- heating of production facilities.


  • Petroleum coke 31%
  • Pyrolysis gases 25%
  • Pyrolysis oil 44%

oil sludge


On the whole, the oil sludge recycling equipment FORTAN is lucrative and handy. Besides, one person can serve up to three modules at a time with 24-hour equipment operation. Our specialists can train your personnel to carry out starting-up and adjustment of machine.

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