Many characteristics of beverage depend on the state of the storage tanks and as a result, its competitiveness. Forward-thinking manufacturers understand this and choose not to save on the quality.

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However, customers who do not have the necessary experience, when choosing a supplier of containers often оjust compare the price lists of suppliers. However, in this way it is impossible to identify many of the important factors that determine the quality of the product: the thickness of the metal from which the container is made, the quality of weld, the design of the tank for the presence of stagnant zones and poorly flushed and more.

A comprehensive comparison on several parameters is necessary. You need to choose the right optimality criterion «cost-quality» to make the right choice of manufacturer of the storage tanks.

Thanks to advanced technologies, which are used in the factory «TT GROUP ltd» for manufacturing storage tanks, the company manufactures products that meet the most exact requirements of sanitation and quality.

In the production of storage tanks used modern imported equipment such as automatic robot for orbital welding, roll bending machine, presses, guillotines, brakes bottoms making machine, sanding machines, TIG welding machines and other.

Steel and materials used for the production of storage tanks are imported.

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