Recycling of garbage as a business is a relatively free niche in the regions of Russia with favorable conditions and little competition. This is a very rational investment as the waste recycling plant pays off fairly quickly.

Recycling business has many positive aspects and it is an excellent niche for private business:

-you will never have shortage of raw materials;

-you do not need a large number of employees because the main work is performed by the equipment;

-you can have an opportunity to work not only within the city but also throughout the region, several regions and even across the country.

Selection of the place. The place for the waste recycling plant is not particularly important  because the waste collection will cover at least one city and at any location it is necessary to arrange transportation to you or your customers. Depending on the type of equipment you will need or do not need the building for it. For example, FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants are located and operate in the open air and only premises for workers will be required on the territory.


Layout of plant FORTAN-4

Picture 1. Layout of plant FORTAN-4

Selection of equipment. A waste recycling equipment can be designed to process a certain type of waste or be universal. According to the first case it is necessary to know exactly what raw materials will be delivered: for example, tires recycling equipment (crushing lines), plastic recycling equipment (granulation lines). The enterprise with such equipment will not have the opportunity to further expand the spectrum of services even if there will be a demand for such equipment. Universal equipment (for example, heat recycling equipment) is more preferable.

You can start with a mini-factory, which will work with a small capacity. Then as necessary and as demand grows you purchase additional equipment in order to expand your offer.

Staff. You must have the following employees to start your business:

- production director;

- driver (if you need to transport the waste by yourself);

- workers for maintenance of the equipment.

The number of employees for the maintenance of waste recycling equipment depends on the type of equipment, the complexity of monitoring, on its operations and on its capacity. For example, you will  need  a one person  to maintain one FORTAN plant. There are no requirements for the education of employees. Specialists of our company conduct training. Also the necessary technical and operational documentation is attached to the equipment.

Waste recycling is an income:

1) Receiving and disposal of waste have a set tariff. Recycling of different types of waste has different costs.

2) The realization of products is favourable, if the equipment you use implies the formation of commercial products after recycling. For example, the operation of the FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants is based on the pyrolysis method. Products of waste recycling by pyrolysis are boiler fuel, coal and gas. These products can be sold to enterprises and individuals and also used for own needs.

Additional features of pyrolysis plants are the recovery of heat generated during operation, the production of hot water and the heating of industrial premises. 


Plan of plant which capacity is 85 waste tons per day

Picture 2. Plan of plant which capacity is 85 waste tons per day