Our company TT GROUP manufactures and supplies waste recycling equipment FORTAN and FORTAN-M. Both plants are based on the method of thermal decomposition named pyrolysis. A well-developed technology can ecologically recycle different types of wastes.

Technical characteristics of waste recycling equipment

Productivity of FORTAN 5,2 m3/day (up to 4 tons) Productivity of FORTAN-M 72 m3/day (up to 50 tons)
We recommend you to watch this video about FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants:

Brief description of pyrolysis process in waste recycling equipmentFORTAN and FORTAN-M

Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition of raw materials/wastes into gas and liquid in the absence of oxygen. Waste recycling in pyrolysis plants FORTAN and FORTAN-M is environmentally friendly method and as the result you obtain the following products:

Liquid fuel (pyrolysis oil) - 15-20% It is used as fuel. It can be distilled for obtaining oil fractions, such as petrol, diesel fractions and fuel oil.
Black carbon - 30-35% It is used as solid fuel, for briquettes, as sorbent in disposal facilities, for manufacturing of rubber products (tires, hoses, cable, etc.)
Gas - 12-15% It is used to maintain the pyrolysis process inside the plant and for heating.
Heat Thermal energy is accumulated in exhaust-heat boilers for water heating and central heating.

In addition to commercial products, you can start your own waste recycling business. So, you can:

  1. collect and recycle wastes according to your required fees;
  2. use the final pyrolysis products (fuel, carbon, gas) for your own purposes and for sale;
  3. take care of the environment because only 12% of all wastes in the world can be utilized. As a consequence, the development of your own business entails a unique mission - the protection of environment.

Moreover plants can be used for your own purposes, for example:

- heating of industrial premises;

- water heating;

- recycling of your own wastes.

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Advantages of municipal solid waste recycling plants FORTAN and FORTAN-M

  • Pyrolysis plants FORTAN and FORTAN-M are multi-purpose, because they can recycle up to 900 types of wastes, including plastic, tires, medical wastes, oil sludge, etc.
  • The plants developed by our team are environmentally friendly and safe for staff as provided with necessary control and emergency systems.
  • FORTAN and FORTAN-М plants are extremely weather-resistant and stable in operation at any weather. It is worth adding that plants can work 24/7.
  • Structurally, plants are simple, easy to operate and easy to repair. Plants are long-term maintained.

According to all above, our equipment is reliable, provides high productivity, continuous operation and has a long service life.

We offer you a full range of services for our equipment:

Warranty 2 years Supervising for equipment installation.
Start-up Teaching for staff
After-sales services Technical documentation
Technical support and consultation Transportation and shipment services
Custom clearance for export Required documents for import

Today FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants help to recycle waste in the whole world - you should not stay aside! 20 countries of the world have already joined the common goal of protecting the environment, using the FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants. Join us!

For all our customers:

FREE customs clearance for export

Certificate of origin

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