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Every year they use more than 50 millions of tons of motor oil. But only ¼ of waste motor oil is used for the second time, utilized or burnt. The rest of them is dumped into waterways, soils, sewer or is sprayed into the atmosphere. That causes a great pollution of the environment: one gallon of motor oil dumped into waterways has the potential to pollute one million gallons of water. Also waste engine oils have a good conditions for reproduction of bacteria.

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While in service the structure of motor oils changes and there appears more oxidized hydrocarbons, polyolefins, resins, karbena, also more water and impurities and that increases toxicity of motor oil. Waste motor oil must be disposed properly.

We offer you reliable way to solve this problem – rectifying column SARGAS. With this equipment you can remove water, insoluble, dirt, heavy metals etc. from waste oil. At the end of the process you get re-refined oil that is equivalent to the new oil.   

Rectifying column SARGAS removes water and impurities from the waste oil. The water is removed not in liquid form but as the steam. The boiling point of water is 100°C and it is removed with such admixtures as diesel and gasoline. Refined oil is extracted at 300-490°C. Impurities and heavy residue are left in the pot.

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