Our company TT GROUP manufactures and supplies tyre recycling equipment - FORTAN and PIROL. Plants are designed for tyres recycling with thermal decomposition method - pyrolysis.

 Technical characteristics of tyres recycling plants

Capacity of FORTAN 5,2 m3/day (up to 4 tons) Capacity of PIROL 72 m3/day (up to 50 tons)


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Description of tyre recycling machines FORTAN and PIROL

Used tyres are loaded into a container of heat-resistant material - retort. The retort is placed into the oven. Used tyres are heated by heat transfer through the retort walls and thermally decomposed (this process is named pyrolysis) forming a mixture of vapor and gas and carbon residue. The pyrolysis module is lined with high-temperature thermal insulation based on ceramic fiber and refractory concrete, so during operation the temperature of the outer wall of the module is safe for staff.

The maximum operating temperature is 450-520 °C. The retort lid is manufactured with a lock with special design, which provides a complete sealing of the space inside the retort and eliminates the possibility of smoke. Pyrolysis plants are provided with the necessary devices for control of process and control pannel for adjusting the operation of the plant. Explosion-proof valve and gas emergency relief system ensure the safety of staff and equipment in case of mulfunction of the plant.

Vapor-gas mixture goes out of the retort through the pipeline, cooled, and then comes to the storage tank and farther to the condensers to separate the gases from the splashes of the liquid. The liquid is collected in a storage tank; gas, partially or wholly is used to support the pyrolysis process, is burned or used to heat greenhouses, offices and so on. At the end of the pyrolysis process the retort with carbon residue is unloaded from the oven and the other retort with raw material is placed into it.

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Results of tyre recycling plants FORTAN and PIROL

 #1: output of products

Below there is data about producrts after used tyres recycling
Liquid fuel (pyrolysis oil) - 35-45% It is used as fuel. It can be distilled for obtaining oil fractions, such as petrol, diesel fractions and fuel oil.
Carbon black - 40% It is used as solid fuel, for briquettes, as sorbent in disposal facilities, for manufacturing of rubber products (tires, hoses, cable, etc.)
Gas - 10-12% It is used to maintain the pyrolysis process inside the plant and for heating.
Metal cord – 8-10% It is used as scrap metal.
Heat Thermal energy is accumulated in exhaust-heat boilers for water heating and central heating.


#2: tyre recycling business

FORTAN and PIROL plants gives an opportunity to develop your own tyre recycling business. Everyone is aware of the critical situation in the environment and its effect for modern society. Every day companies that somehow work with tyres are wondering: how to deal with used tyres? According to the laws, tires cannot be taken to landfills, so there is a great demand for their disposal. As the result you will be able to offer a service of tyre recycling to these companies. You get profit while working for the benefit of nature, businesses get their own plus – they can get rid of wastes and do it in accordance with the law.
Moreover, you can recycle your own used tyres and other wastes.

#3: the benefit for environment

We designed FORTAN and PIROL plants with the idea of protecting the environment. Our goal was to create an ecological method for tyres recycling. The result of our fruitful work was FORTAN and PIROL plants. Today we want to share our technology with the whole world, pass on our ideas for protecting nature to others and let everyone know that people should think about ecology and help of nature in megacities. Thus, by using the equipment of our company, you give us a glimmer of hope that it is not too late to help our planet be green and clean.

Advantages of pyrolysis waste recycling plants FORTAN and PIROL

1) The plants developed by our team are environmentally friendly and safe for staff as provided with necessary control and emergency systems.

2) FORTAN and PIROL plants are extremely weather-resistant and stable in operation at any weather.

3) Structurally, plants are simple, easy to operate and easy to repair. Plants are long-term maintained.

4) Our equipment has all requied sertificates.

5) Pyrolysis plants FORTAN and PIROL are multi-purpose, because they can recycle up to 900 types of wastes, including plastic, tyres, medical wastes, oil sludge, etc.

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