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Carbon black is used as solid fuel.

It can be applied in plants for wastewater treatment as absorber of oil products.

Pyrolysis carbon black is used for production of new mechanical-rubber products. For production: tires, conveyer belts, hoses, cables, driving belts, car floor mats, mudguards, rubber compounds, gasket makers, etc. Widely used for production of tread rubber for cars, billets for reconstruction of conveyer belts, farm machines.

After advanced treatment carbon black can be used in a mechanical-rubber and varnish-and-paint industries. Production of carbon black is widespread today because carbon black is the most used pigment of black color. Pyrolysis carbon black is used in varnish-and-paint industry for production goods with black color: for coloring of sand-lime bricks, self-leveling floors and other building materials.

Carbon black is a supplement for all polymers to improve mechanical properties and maintenance characteristics, to improve their resistance to weather effect – carbon black protects polymers from ultraviolet radiation.

Carbon black is used as deterrent for process of ageing of plastics.

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