We manufacture pyrolysis plants FORTAN and PIROL developed by our company TT GROUP for waste recycling. Both pyrolysis plants are multi-purpose (for different wastes), stable in operation at any weather and ecologically safe.

FORTAN capacity 5,2 m3/24hrs (up to 4 tons)
PIROL capacity 72 m3/24hrs (up to 50 tons)

Pyrolysis plants FORTAN and PIROL are designed for recycling of any wastes: waste rubber and plastics, used tires, wood wastes, soil contaminated with oil products, oil sludge, shavings and scale of metallurgical industries, medical waste, E-wastes, etc. 


  Description of pyrolysis plants FORTAN and PIROL

Raw material (wastes) is loaded into a container of heat-resistant material (retort). The retort is placed into the oven. Raw material is heated by heat transfer through the retort walls and thermally decomposed (this process is named pyrolysis) forming a mixture of vapor and gas and carbon residue. The pyrolysis module is lined with high-temperature thermal insulation based on ceramic fiber and refractory concrete, so during operation the temperature of the outer wall of the module is safe for staff.

The maximum operating temperature is 450-600 °C. The retort lid is manufactured with a lock with special design, which provides a complete sealing of the space inside the retort and eliminates the possibility of smoke. Pyrolysis plants are provided with the necessary devices for control of process and control pannel for adjusting the operation of the plant. Explosion-proof valve and gas emergency relief system ensure the safety of staff and equipment in case of mulfunction of the plant.

Vapor-gas mixture goes out of the retort through the pipeline, cooled, and then comes to the storage tank and further to the condensers to separate the gases from the splashes of the liquid. The liquid is collected in a storage tank; gas, partially or wholly is used to support the pyrolysis process, is burned or used to heat greenhouses, offices and so on. At the end of the pyrolysis process the retort with carbon residue is unloaded from the oven and the other retort with raw material is placed into it.

Pyrolysis products

Liquid fuel (pyrolysis oil) It is used as fuel. It can be distilled for obtaining oil fractions, such as petrol, diesel fractions and fuel oil.
Black carbon It is used as solid fuel, for briquettes, as sorbent in disposal facilities, for manufacturing of rubber products (tires, hoses, cable, etc.)
Gas It is used to maintain the pyrolysis process inside the plant and for heating.
Heat Thermal energy is accumulated in exhaust-heat boilers for water heating and central heating.

Material of pyrolysis / wastes Output of products (by mass)
Used tires Pyrolysis oil – 35-45%; Gas – 10-12%; Steel cord – 8-10%; Carbon black – 40%
Used engine oil Pyrolysis oil – 85-90%; Gas – 5-7%; Semicoke – 5-7%
Polymers (plastics) Pyrolysis oil – 60-80%; Gas – 10%; Carbon – 5-30%
Heavy fuel oil (sludge) Pyrolysis oil – 75-90%; Gas – 5-10%; Semicoke – 5-15%

*output of products depends on the composition of wastes

**please request exact data, videos and analysis of products and we will provide it to you.

Advantages of pyrolysis plants FORTAN and PIROL

1. The retort is made of stainless heat-resistant steel.

2. Furnace is multi-fuel: it is possible to use any kind of solid fuel and gas and to set a burner for any type of liquid fuel.

3. Lining is made from the fire-resistant fiber protected with a layer of the strong fire-resistant concrete reinforced with stainless steel, has high resistance against mechanical and chemical influences, provides temperature of an external surface of the plant not higher than 60C that is safe for operators to maintain the plant during the whole process.

4. Simplicity of a design. The increased reliability. A possibility of modification of a design to local conditions.

5. Means of explosion protection. Explosion-proof valve and gas emergency relief system ensure the safety of operators and equipment in case of a malfunction of the plant.

6. Easily repaired equipment.

7. The plant is easy-to-work and service, it is not required vocational education for operators, our company makes trainings for operators.

8. Mobility of the plant. Plants are designed for mobile use: have standard dimensions for transportation by any type of transport, flange connections in the whole structure so the installation-dismantling process takes minimum time, fixed concrete lining so dismantling of it is not required.

9. Low electricity consumption (10-14 kW*hour per each ton) and low fuel consumption (30-40 kg of fuel oil per one process).

10. Best price for same characteristics of equipment of other manufacturers.

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