Here you can learn more about waste recycling and biodiesel production with our equipment

FORTAN and FORTAN-M pyrolysis plants
Household waste recycling
Used tires recycling
Medical waste recycling
Oil sludge recycling
Wood waste recycling
Waste plastic recycling
Electronic waste recycling
Mazut recycling
Peat recycling
Brown coal recyling
Hydrolysis lignin recycling
Soil contaminated with oil recycling


SARGAS distillation column
Pyrolysis oil processing
Oil processing
Processing of glycerol containing mixtures
Processing of waste motor oil
Processing of mixtures of alcohols and their aqueous solutions 
Processing of waste solvents


EXON biodiesel plant
Processing of vegetable fats:
                - processing of sunflower-seed oil
               processing of rapeseed oil  
                - processing of other vegetable fats  
Processing of seaweed oil
Processing of waste deep-fat frying oils


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