Our company TT GROUP manufactures and supplies medical waste recycling equipment FORTAN and FORTAN-M. Developing plants, our team tried to implement properly the ecological method of medical waste recycling.

 Technical specifications of medical waste recycling equipment  

Productivity of FORTAN 5,2 m3/day (up to 4 tons) Productivity of FORTAN-M 72 m3/day (up to 50 tons)
Dimensions WxDxH of FORTAN 3,3Х2,5х5,6 m Dimensions WxDxH of FORTAN-M 18,780х7,830х5,553 m
Installed capacity of FORTAN 1,1 kW Installed capacity of FORTAN-M 17 kW


We recommend you to watch a video about the work process of FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants:

Brief description of technological process carrying out in medical waste recycling equipment FORTAN and FORTAN-M

Medical waste is loaded into a retort (a container of heat-resistant metal). The retort is located in the pyrolysis module. The pyrolysis module is lined with high-temperature thermal insulation on the basis of ceramic fiber and refractory concrete, so during operation the temperature of the outer wall of the module is safe for service personnel. Raw materials are not exposed to direct fire; heat transfer is carried out through the walls of the retort. The maximum operating temperatures are 450-520 °C. The retort cover is manufactured with a special design closure, which ensures complete sealing of the space within the retort and eliminates the possibility of smoke. The steam-gas mixture comes out from the retort through a pipeline, and then it is cooled in a condenser-fridge. The vapor condenses and the resulting liquid separates from non-condensable gases. The liquid accumulates in the liquid product collector. The gas is used to maintain the pyrolysis process - it is sent to the burner and then it burned in the furnace. FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants are designed for flexible use: they have standard dimensions for transportation by any means of transport, flanged connections throughout the structure (due to it the installation-dismantling process takes a minimum amount of time) and a stand for transportation.

The results of medical waste recycling plant FORTAN

Result 1: medical waste recycling businessмедицинских отходов

Our company offers you to start your own medical waste recycling business. Since most hospitals and clinics dispose incorrectly different hazard classes of medical waste, you can offer them to recycle medical waste by environmentally friendly method. What do you need in this case? Firstly, you need to develop your own plan, get a license and set required fees. Our specialists will help you with the choosing of equipment.


Result 2: obtaining commercial products

The table below shows the commercial products that you can get after the final operation of the FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants:

Black carbon – 40% It can be used as solid fuel, sorbent in disposal facilities, in manufacture of tires, hoses and cables.
Liquid heating oil – 35-45% It can be used as boiler fuel. Then it is recycled in refinery for obtaining oil fractions, such as petrol, diesel fractions and fuel oil.
Gas – 10-12% It is used to maintain the pyrolysis process inside the furnace and for space heating.
Metal cord – 8-10% It can be melted down.
Heat Thermal energy is accumulated in exhaust-heat boilers for water heating and central heating.


Result 3: on the side of a clean planet

In the light of recent events, the number of waste that is being burnt, buried or simply discarded is growing. To preserve a clean planet, it is necessary to use ecological methods and technologies for medical waste recycling of any class of hazard. Therefore, due to our equipment based on pyrolysis method, you can not only make a profit, but also reduce the percentage of hazardous gases emission during the incineration of medical waste. Just think how you can help the planet. It's time to act!

Advantages of FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants

You can recycle various types of waste with the help of FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants, for instance: waste of rubber products and plastics, woodworking and wood chemistry waste, oil chips and scale of metallurgical plants, oil sludge, medical waste, etc. The complete list of waste includes more than 900 items.
FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants are designed for companies wishing to organize a waste recycling business and for enterprises that need to independently recycle industrial waste. Furthermore they can obtain commercial products and alternative sources of energy for space heating.
Our medical waste recycling equipment complies with environmental standards and has the necessary certificates and permits.

Learn more: Photo gallery of medical waste recycling equipment FORTAN 

What do you need to start your own medical waste recycling business?

- First of all you need to get a license to handle waste.
At the moment, the license is issued indefinitely and allows collecting, transporting, recycling, utilizing and disposing of the waste that will be specified during licensing.
- Secondly, you should equip the site of plant location.
Medical waste recycling FORTAN and FORTAN-M plants are mobile. They can work on the street, plants do not require the construction of special premises and do not tie the business to a specific location.


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