Certificates and licenses

For export of equipment we provide certificate of origin CT-1 and conclusion of goods origin. TT GROUP provides pre and after sale service. We provide passport for equipment, required technical information, information about emissions, patents, etc.

Is the cost of export clearance included in the price of equipment?

Yes, it is. TT GROUP does export clearance and defray all expenses.

After buying your equipment, do you provide technical specialists for the start-up?

Yes, we do. With experience for more than fifteen years we have trained a lot of mature staff. Engineers of TT GROUP do the start-up of equipment and teach Client’s staff how to operate with equipment. The cost of this service is included in the price of equipment. The Client is responsible for worker’s accommodation and round-trip expenses.

How is the safety of equipment ensured?

Our equipment has safety seal made of stainless steel. In case of congestion this seal let the gas out so it does not accumulate inside the oven. Equipment also have pressure gauges, alarms, safety valves. Workers check pressure gauges, alarm and safety valve pipe flow. The device guarantee no accidents. To ensure safety in production workers have to control the process all the time. And of course to be sure that the process goes safely, you have to follow all the directions of how to operate the equipment.

Do you have waste oil refinery equipment?

Yes, we produce distillation column SARGAS that is intended for splitting multicomponent liquids into fractions. And also waste motor oil can be refined with that equipment. Considering yield, we have equipment from 4 tons per day to 100 tons per day.

What technical documents do your Clients get with equipment?

We provide passport for the equipment, technical regulation, mounting instruction and requirements for the site.

We can provide all the documents before shipping via e-mail after 50% prepayment.

Do you have patents for your equipment?

Yes, we have three utility models, all key processes have been patented. We have experts and technical team that we have strength and ability to develop the new items with.

How to buy equipment that you produce?

You can learn information about our equipment on our web, we can send brochure with more information. Then we appoint your visit to our factory, we can arrange a visit to our customer’s factory so you can see equipment in process. We sign the agreement and either we begin to process the equipment or if we have equipment in stock, we can ship it to you as soon as your place is ready.

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