Mazut is viscous dark-brown residue after processing oil or oil-like materials with distillation column.

With every passing day oil reserves are running out, and due to this fact there is a need to find alternative sources of energy. Processing of mazut is absolutely wasteless way of getting alternative energy.

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Here are two stages of processing mazut:

1. First mazut is processed in pyrolysis equipment. The output of the products is:

  • Pyrolysis oil – 80%
  • Gas – 5%
  • Oil coke – 15%

Pyrolysis oil after processing mazut (wide fraction) is a dark fuel oil and is more profitable to sell than mazut.

2. Second stage is distillation of pyrolysis oil (distillation column SARGAS). Output of the products:

  • Diesel – 30%
  • Gasoline – 40%
  • Mazut – 30%

Mazut can be recycled again in pyrolysis equipment.

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