Biodiesel plant EXON

Equipment for production of biodiesel

We manufacture BIODIESEL PLANTS for the production of biofuel in stream from any vegetable oil (including used ones) or animal fats on ANY set productivity.

Biodiesel plant is intended for the production of biofuel from vegetable oils (sunflower-seed oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, mustard oil, seaweed oil, etc.), cod-liver oil, animal fats.

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Biodiesel fuel is made through a process called transesterfication. This process involves removing the glycerin from the vegetable oil or animal fat. During the process byproducts are left behind, including methyl esters and glycerin. To receive a necessary speed of the reaction, use the catalysts (NAOH, KOH). Biodiesel is free from such substances as sulphur and aromatics which are found in traditional fuels.

What you can process with EXON plant

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