Waste recycling equipment

Waste recycling — profitable business

оборудование для переработки отходов

Nowadays business of processing of different kinds of wastes is one of the most undeveloped and profitable business all over the world. There is almost no business rivalry, not a lot of recycling companies, but huge quantity of wastes. Is it possible to convert wastes into profit in practice? Yes, it is absolutely real! Most of different kinds of wastes can be used for the second time. For each kind of waste appears its own recycling technology.

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We propose you to learn, how to recycle any kind of carbon containing wastes and convert it into fuels (carbon black, gases of pyrolysis, steel, pyrolysis oil, which can also be turned into gasoline, diesel, bitumen, black oil etc.) Our company have been working and producing equipment since 1998. We are developers and manufacturers of: