Waste plastic recycling

Recycling plant:

Plastic pollution is a real curse of modern civilization expressed in the constant deposition of plastics in our environment. Plastic waste and polymers are extremely durable and can cause damage for many years after their ejection. It is very harmful to human and animal health, seas and oceans, soil. Most people feel that we must ban an ejection and wrong disposal of plastic waste and promote organizations that are competently fit for recycling process.

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Nowadays, we propose you to become one of those people who are environmentally conscious and want to help our environment and care about it.


Waste is loaded with a loading device into the retort where a thermal decomposition takes place. The pyrolysis gas that escapes in the process enters the system of filters and capacitors where the liquid fraction, water and gas vapor is purified. The gas is sent to the burner of the plant. It is used as fuel for the plant which plays a crucial role in low energy consumption for its operation. Additional fuel is needed only for start-up. The whole equipment is hermetically sealed including the system for unloading the solid residue. Thus, its impact on the environment is minimal.


The first advantage of the plastic recycling equipment FORTAN is that it allows you to get rid of waste without unnecessary assistance. It also ensures minimum deadlines and absolute confidentiality of work.

A further advantage is that recycling using the plastic recycling plant FORTAN is effective for working with any carbonaceous waste including waste from rubber products and plastics. As a result, pyrolysis oil, carbon and gases are formed. The qualitative characteristics of the obtained products depend on the initial quality of the recycled substances.

The main advantage of plastic recycling machine is that it ensures the process of waste recycling without any harm to the environment and people.

In addition, pyrolysis plant is designed in mobile version and the site for their placement does not require lasting arrangements and extensive works.


  • Pyrolysis oil 80%
  • Pyrolysis gases 10%
  • Carbon black 5%



It is true to say that the pyrolysis plant FORTAN is profitable and low-priced. Besides, one person can serve up to three modules at a time with the equipment working 24 hours per day. Our specialists can instruct your personnel to make starting-up and adjustment of plant.

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